'Beautiful Player' Audiobook EXCLUSIVE: Let's Get Hot And Sweaty!

This one goes out to all the "Beautiful" people: Today marks the publication and audiobook release for Christina Lauren's latest "Beautiful Bastard" novel, "Beautiful Player," and we not only have an EXCLUSIVE excerpt for your aural pleasure, but also an interview with the authors and narrator Grace Grant!

In "Beautiful Player" we meet Hanna Bergstrom, a New York transplant who moves to the city to pursue graduate studies. But the education she really needs is in fostering a healthy social life. Her older brother tasks his long-time bud (and seasoned womanizer) Will Sumner with the honors. Will's known Hanna (otherwise known as "Ziggy") since she was a kid, but things are different when they reunite all these years later. And by "different" we mean "sexy."

Click play on the clip above to hear a hot and sweaty excerpt from the audiobook, then check out the video below for an exclusive interview. (It should be noted that even a professional like Ms. Grant must stifle a nervous giggle or two when reading those steamy love scenes...)

"Beautiful Player" is out now, with the book series' finale, the novella "Beautiful Beginning," out November 18.