Nicholas Hoult Is Cute, Not 'Creepy' In EXCLUSIVE 'Warm Bodies' Clip!

All right you eager "Warm Bodies" movie fans you, how great is it that we're now less than a month away from the film's release? We've been amped up for this one ever since we heard that Isaac Marion's quirky, creative book was getting the big-screen treatment and then we visited the set and sneaked a peek at the first four minutes, and now to further celebrate the film's impending arrival, we'll be treating you to "Warm Bodies" exclusives for the next four weeks!

Today's treat is a brand-new clip from the film that finds us in the middle of zombie R and human Julie's getting-to-know-you phase. R (Nicholas Hoult) has just saved Julie (Teresa Palmer) from being eaten by his walking dead brethren and taken her to his home in an abandoned airplane. Unsurprisingly, Julie is really freaked out by the whole ordeal and doesn't understand why R saved her and whether or not she is being momentarily preserved for a zombie feast later.

Because R is a zombie, albeit a less-repulsive and not-too-dead-looking one, he lacks proper speaking abilities so he can't very well convey his intent to do no harm to Julie. We hear him tell himself to not "be creepy" as he's trying to calm his new guest down and put her at ease. All he can verbalize to Julie are three whispered, slightly broken words, "Keep you safe," while he wraps her in a blanket. Julie is obviously still very nervous about the situation but when he wraps her up she gets a long look at R's deep blue and expressive eyes, which are not standard zombie issue, so to speak. R is not like the other creepy slow-walkers. He's different.

"Warm Bodies" hits theaters February 1.

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