'Glee' Star Chris Colfer Unsure About Future Of Klaine

Chris ColferAh, young love; so complicated and full of angst, inexperience, drama, mistakes and missteps. It's no wonder that it's the stuff that makes the plots of TV shows (especially those of the teen soap variety airing on The CW, ABC Family and Fox) go 'round. And 'round. And 'round. Take everyone's favorite sing-a-long high-school drama "Glee" for example. Would we still be so invested if all the drama that ever went down at McKinley High solely revolved around show tunes? I know I wouldn't. All I care about are the star-crossed and ill-fated romances.

Speaking of which, people are still upset over the dissolution of Klaine. Why on earth would a sweetie-pie/seemingly perfect guy like Blaine ever mess things up with Kurt? (For drama's sake, me thinks) The Christmas episode gave us hope for a reconciliation, but is that too much to ask? MTV News recently sought out star Chris Colfer for his thoughts on the subject.

"Oh I don't know. We'll see," Chris told us during a press day in support of his movie "Struck By Lightning." "If they're meant to be then they'll be meant to be, but I don't know. I think he should have at least another relationship before it's concluded. But we'll see, we'll find out."

Now normally I would brush this answer off as a good, spoiler-avoiding answer, but Chris seemed genuinely out-of-the-know on the subject, which to me indicates that either the showrunners haven't figured out how to proceed with that particular plot point, or they haven't told the actors yet. And you know what? I agree that Kurt should definitely explore another relationship before he thinks about any future rekindling of anything with Blaine. Gotta see what's out there, ya know?

Do you think Kurt and Blaine are destined to be?