'DWTS' Pro Mark Ballas Recalls His 'Harry Potter' Cameo

Fans of ABC's fleet-footed "Dancing With the Stars" probably know Mark Ballas best as one of the show's hunky hoofers. And thanks to a "Harry Potter"-themed routine last season (wizard hat included!), you may even know he's a big fan of the boy who lived. But did you know Mark also played a small part in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"? That's right; Mark is no mere Muggle!

When the triple threat stopped by the MTV News offices a few months ago to chat about his album HurtLoveBox, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about the star's magical past.

"I was actually an extra in the first movie," he revealed. "Me and my foster brother and my whole high school—we went to a performing arts music school, so that's where I studied music and I studied theater. All the top schools for that in London, all the students were extras."

As awesome as the experience was, Mark has one regret: He wasn't placed in the Hogwarts house he wanted. "I ended up being a Hufflepuff. I wanted to be Gryffindor or Slytherin," he recalled. "But I was in the first movie, holding an owl and sitting in the kitchen and stuff."

Mark even gave us a few pointers about where to look for him in the film. "You gotta be quick to see me. It's at the sorting hat. The scene at the sorting hat...real quick. I had grungy red hair and braces, and I'm in the Hufflepuff outfit," he advised.

Click play on the video above to hear even more about Mark's "Harry Potter" history!

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