Taylor Lautner Shatters Expectations In New 'Abduction' Poster

Dear Taylor Lautner, You can abduct us any day. Love, Hollywood Crush.

Taylor is making his big action star debut in "Abduction," and the stills and clips from the film are enough to make a girl go "'Twilight' what?" and "Edward who?" (Oh, and turn green with all the Lily Collins envy.)

We've all seen the photos of Taylor dragging or protecting a pretty much petrified Lily. And the beautiful black and white close up of Tay-face. And these things are good. They say, "I am Taylor Lautner, and I can brood with the best of them and protect people—even if Bella did kind of get away." But what about that quintessential shot that says, "I am Taylor Lautner, action star extraordinaire, here to out badass the greats"?

Today, we got that image.

In the new "Abduction" poster, Taylor brings his usual sexiness, of course (brooding eyes, bulging muscles—it's all pretty much par for the Taylor Lautner course at this point), but adds a little of the danger we should expect from action man Taylor. Battling wicked vampires is one thing, but what is Taylor even doing here? Is he sliding down a skyscraper out of a broken window? Is that actually happening? Yeah, we think it kind of is.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the image that says—nay screams—"I am here to out badass the greats."

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