Chris Colfer To Pen 2 YA Novels: 5 Other Things He Should Do In His Spare Time

Jack of All Trades barely begins to describe Chris Colfer. Not only is the guy a triple threat on the Fox musical series, but his list of side projects is enough to keep at least two or three people busy, full time. He's writing a script for an independent film called "Struck by Lightning" (he will also star in the project). He's currently adapting the children's book "The Little Leftover Witch" as a pilot for Disney Channel. And on top of all that, he just signed a two-book deal with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers according to Entertainment Weekly. The first book will be called "The Land of Stories" and will follow the fairytale-meets-modern-life adventures of two twins.

But don't think Chris' ambition has sprouted in the wake of "Glee"'s success, though. He says he's been thinking about his book project since age 10.

"This book has been at the core of my imagination for a long time and I'm excited and nervous to share it," he said in a statement.

Our first instinct is to throw up a big yield sign and urge Chris to slow down for the love of all that is good, but we have a feeling nothing could curb this guy's drive. And if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? With that attitude in mind, we've compiled a list of other jobs Chris should try his hand at—you know, in his spare time.


Don't laugh. Chris clearly adores working with kids, and with his stellar song and dance skills, he would put even Mary Poppins to shame. Plus, he could always use the experience as inspiration for his next YA book or Disney project.


Clearly, the boy has a breadth of musical knowledge. Why not put that to use away from the performing arts? We'd trust Chris to pick our playlist any day. And as a dancer himself, he'd know exactly which tunes would drive people to the dance floor.


Chris was named one of Time's most influential people this year, alongside politicians and world leaders. Judging by how well he's handled the pressures of fame since hitting it big on "Glee," we're sure he could stay composed when dealing with foreign diplomats. Plus, don't we want someone uber-talented and amazing representing us internationally?


We know what you're thinking: Chirs Colfer? As a dentist? But we thought you liked Chris. We do and that's exactly why it's perfect. We thought doctor, we thought surgeon, we thought all kinds of amazing medical job, but we decided a charming personality like Chris' should be put to use in a profession that tends to put people on edge.


He wouldn't need to worry about finding a client to represent—employing himself would be enough work to keep busy. This one is just practical; the only person we can think of capable of keeping up with Chris' mad schedule would be Chris himself.

Do you think Chris takes on too much? What job would you love to see him do? Are you excited to read his debut novel? Tell us in the comments!