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President Obama Served Veterans And Made Dad Jokes For Thanksgiving

Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia stole the show with their festive threads.

When you're the President of the United States, certain holidays become a BFD. Like Memorial Day (remembering fallen troops), the Fourth of July (firework-ing it up over America's independence), Veteran's Day (honoring armed services members), and, well, Thanksgiving for its tradition of celebrating that fateful dinner between the settler pillagers pilgrims and Native Americans which kick-started the successful colonization of the New World.

Of course, it's since become a time for familial gathering and gushing our gratitude, and the whole pilgrim peace feast charade has pretty much gone by the wayside at this point. Still, a lot of official tradition goes into the holiday, like the annual White House turkey pardon which President Obama invited his oh-so-stylish daughters Sasha and Malia to on Wednesday (Nov. 25).

  • First of all, Obama showed his gratitude for a good joke.
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    The President offered a laugh to his all-grown-up girls from the podium, saying, "It is hard to believe that this is my seventh year of pardoning turkeys. Time flies, even if turkeys don’t." DAD.

    Meanwhile, we're totally thankful for the girls' chic skirt-and-bootie combo looks.

  • Then, the prez used his executive authority to take this turkey out of food chain rotation for good.
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    This year, the lucky bird spared was Abe, an 18-week-old, 40-pound gobbler raised in California.

    "Abe is now a free bird. He’s TOTUS -– the Turkey of the United States," said Obama, clearly the king of Thanksgiving dad jokes. Abe's stage alternate named Honest will all receive the full TOTUS privileges of living freely at a Virginia turkey farm, even without participating in the official presentation. Honest + Abe Together 4EVER.

  • The First fam then headed to serve dinner to at-risk veterans and homeless people at the Friendship Place Homeless Center in Washington D.C.
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    During his turkey pardon ceremony at the House's Rose Garden center, Obama said that his office regards it as a "top priority" to "make sure all those who serve as sacrifice for our country have a place to call home."

    FWIW, Obama was on turkey-dishing duty, offering up some of the "less fortunate turkey brothers" of Abe and Honest which is pretty hilarious if you think about it. And Michelle, whose fitness and nutrition campaign has been the focal point of her efforts as FLOTUS, served vegetables. Of course.