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11 Unforgettable ‘Younger’ Life Lessons From Hilary Duff

The Duff is the girlfriend we never knew we needed.

Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff) is the kind of BFF anyone would be lucky to have. The young hotshot at Empirical Publishing is ambitious, loyal to the girl code and always down for a shot of tequila (off the clock, of course). Sure, she can be silly, but during office hours, she's 100 percent focused on success. And even when she stumbles, she manages to bounce back and still retain her sense of humor.

She parties hard, and she works hard -- and that's what makes her so relatable to twentysomethings. It's also what makes her the perfect millennial mentor for Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old mom posing as a 26-year-old assistant at Empirical on TV Land's "Younger." Kelsey is a real go-getter, but she's not about pushing other women down on her rise to the top. In fact, the first time we meet Kelsey, she quotes our girl Taylor Swift: "There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women."

Needless to say, it's no surprise that Duff has been nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Actress for her portrayal of Kelsey. She's hard-working, fun-loving and by far the most accurate representation of millennials on television. So, we're saluting Kelsey for imparting so many invaluable life lessons to Liza -- and us, TBH -- such as...

  1. "There's no crying in publishing."

    Kelsey likes to party, yes, but during the day, she's laser-focused on being the baddest b--ch in the boardroom. She's a modern-day career women who somehow manages to strike the perfect work-life balance.

  2. Nobody's perfect.

    OK, so Kelsey's taste in men is questionable. She is dating that jerk Thad (Dan Amboyer), after all. But her advice to Liza when she broke up with Josh was spot-on. Kelsey advised Liza to stop trying to be the perfect girlfriend and show Josh who she really is. It seems to be working well for Kelsey and Thad, as the couple made a fidelity pact in the finale.

  3. Maybe drinking all night isn't the best move to pull before an important meeting.

    Kelsey learned this lesson the hard way. After a late-night bender -- one that included way too many tequila shots -- Kelsey woke up late for an important meeting with author Anton Bjornberg. She initially blamed Liza for failing to baby-sit her the night before, but she was just mad at herself for her own irresponsible behavior. Kelsey isn't perfect. She likes to party, and sometimes, that has consequences. At least she owns those mistakes.

  4. Never be afraid to admit you're wrong.

    Kelsey' willingness to admit when she's wrong, bounce back and still retain her sense of humor are admirable qualities in any person.

  5. Don't make out with your clients, especially if they're married.

    Again, Kelsey learned this one the hard way. Despite Liza's warning, Kelsey pursued a relationship with Anton. She was dating Thad, and he was married. Kesley knew what she was doing was wrong. Not only could this affair ruin her career, but it could also ruin people's lives. She eventually came to her senses about the whole thing, especially when Anton started to get super emo. He just wasn't keen on rejection. It was super awkward... and sad... but mostly awkward.

  6. When in need of fast cash, sell your, uh, panties on Craigslist.

    You can't blame a girl for having a surefire way for making a quick buck. Who knew "used" panties could sell for $200 a pair?

  7. If you need to end your affair, do so publicly.

    Kelsey eventually got over her self-destructive phase and followed Liza’s advice to end her relationship with Anton... and she did so at an awards show ceremony. (Kelsey's heart was in the right place.)

  8. Always support your girlfriends, no matter what.

    Even if it means you have to perform a "Diva Cup extraction" for your friend in the restroom during work hours.

  9. Living with your best friend's parents is totally ~ cool ~.

    Kelsey is smart. Why spend $2,000 a month on rent to live in Manhattan -- with a shady Craigslist roommate -- when you can mooch off your best friend's parents and live with them for free? It's kind of brilliant, honestly. Think of all the money she saves every month!

  10. The bathroom is the sacred epicenter of all female friendships.

    Seriously, every major conversation between Lesley and Liza goes down in the women's restroom. If those stalls could talk...

  11. Go to bat for your best friends.

    When Liza and Josh broke things off, Kelsey went to Josh's band rehearsal to hear his side of the story and tell him that Liza was still in love with him. Kelsey also helped Liza make her mark at work when she supported her decision to pursue "The Scarf," a manuscript that would have otherwise been forgotten. Unfortunately, "The Scarf" turned out to be plagiarized, but Kelsey wasn't upset with Liza for believing in something so passionately, however naive it was at the time.