Ja Rule Reacts To His Daughter's Brand-New Neck Tattoo

Brittney didn't exactly 'Follow the Rules'...

Ja Rule's daughter just broke the rules -- but will she get away with it?

On tonight's double-dose of "Follow the Rules," Brittney set out to get her very first tattoo. But when the prospect didn't thrill her parents, she decided to soften the blow in an ingenious way: She announced she'd be getting a tat of her boyfriend's initials. And seriously, what parents would be pleased with that?

Sure enough, Brittney was soon showing off her brand-new ink, much to her rapper-dad's horror. "You don't wanna go to the workplace with a big 'SB' on your neck!" Ja shouted.

But just as her folks were ready to completely blow a gasket, Britt admitted the ink was fabulously faux -- and unveiled her real tat.

Watch the clip to see her 'rents' reaction -- and find out what bodywork she really got -- and thank us for the laughs later:

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