Getty/ MTV

Adele Actually Still Gets Nervous Performing On Stage

Just like the rest of us.

The world has hit peak Adele madness. Between her sold-out Radio City Music Hall show, the release of 25 and her killer appearance on "Saturday Night Live", you might think that we'd all be burned out. You'd be wrong. Adele's charm endures, and is only reinforced by an interview she gave to 60 Minutes Australia about her image, her music and her life.

In the interview with Liz Hayes, the 27-year-old singer discussed her own self-doubt and how it impacted her (potentially) record-breaking new album.

She proves, once again, that the universal appeal of Adele comes not only from her amazing voice, her relatable songs or her impeccable style, but rather her candid personality and grounded charisma. Adele has doubts. Adele gets nervous. Adele doesn't know when to stop talking. Just like the rest of us.