Gisele Bündchen Or Karlie Kloss: Who Posed With Daft Punk Better?


Gisele and Daft Punk for 'The Wall Street Journal' Magazine.
Photo: Wall Street Journal/Terry Richardson

Aww SNAP! Karlie, take your earrings off and put your dukes up, girl. Gisele just popped up on the cover of the Wall Street Journal magazine with BOTH of your men. Oh, you didn’t know Karlie Kloss was in a thruple with Daft Punk? JK, she’s not. But she did appear in an oddly similar editorial spread with the helmet-clad electronic duo for Vogue in July. Those two are gettin’ lucky, indeed.

For the November cover of the Wall Street Journal magazine (which was shot by Terry Richardson), Daft Punk got handsy with Gisele Bündchen, wearing what looks to be the ~exact~ same helmets they wore in Vogue. Hmm. *strokes imaginary beard* But hey, at least they took their suit game in a totally different direction with some SUPER shiny sequined blazers and slim-line tuxedo pants. Oh, wait. Turns out that while their suits may appear to be from another planet entirely, Saint Laurent actually dressed Daft Punk for *both* editorial spreads. WHATEVER. Maybe they're just particular! Besides, they’re musicians, not models!

Gisele strikes a power pose on her WSJ cover in a navy, plunging, semi-sheer Atelier Versace jumpsuit and surprisingly, doesn't seem to have a problem with how close that one gold guy's hand is to her, um, ladyplace. (*Insert another "Get Lucky" joke here.*)


Karlie Kloss and Daft Punk for 'Vogue'.
Photo: Vogue/Craig McDean

(Oh, and BTW, here's Karlie's kover cover for Vogue with Daft Punk, to help you make an informed decision.)


Gisele Bündchen for 'The Wall Street Journal' Magazine.
Photo: Wall Street Journal/Terry Richardson

But in case the cover felt a little over-clothed for your liking, Bundchen strips down to a nude, zip-up Lisa Marie Fernandez bathing suit inside the mag. And you know what goes well with swimwear? A Bulgari diamond necklace and Christian Louboutin pumps, of course. Also, I'm thinking that maybe she was bothered by that heavy-handed cover shoot, as she's apparently now holding holds the duo's helmets hostage.

So, who do *you* think posed with Daft Punk better? Karlie Kloss or Gisele Bundchen? You can check out Gisele's whole spread with the duo now in the November issue of the Wall Street Journal magazine.

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