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Ellie Nike Women Half

Ellie Goulding laces up for the Nike Women Half Marathon.
Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Just when we think we have 'em figured out, they go and pull a fast one on us.

Ellie Goulding postponed a few shows on her Halcyon tour to run the Nike Women Half Marathon in D.C., raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In addition to being a total BAWSE, she dished about her workout style and running playlist! {Refinery 29}

• When designer Tory Burch isn't building her uptown-chic empire of ballet flats, she's jamming out to the one and ONLY, Tupac. Perhaps there's a double meaning in those iconic "T" emblems? {Racked}

• Indie darling Sufjan Stevens might have a history with outrageous performance outfits, but one time in college, he published a scathingly honest guide to fashion dos and dont's. Take heed, y'all. {BuzzFeed}

Zach Galifianakis took a break from his SNL rehearsals to profess a new-found passion for nail art. He's so serious about it, he got a $400 manicure that includes a sticker of Justin Bieber's face. {SNL}

• And in a new low for millennials: some college senior thought it would be a good idea to bring her cat to an interview at American Eagle corporate. (¬¬) Come onnnnn. {Complex}

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