Hot Dude Of The Day: Hugh Jackman And His Dapper Dog Dali

Hugh Jackman walks his dog Dali in New York on March 9.
Photo: Getty Images

We get it, Hugh Jackman. You were named the "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2009, which means you are SO allowed to walk around NYC in sweatpants whenever you want, but we're actually sort of loving everything that's happening here. First off, beard + puppy = OMG. Hugh looks supercute all snuggled up in his hat, gloves, and layered jacket look, but his French bulldog Dali steals the show. That fleece-lined orange coat with a matching leash is completely putting us over the edge. It's hard to compare to such a pristine pup, but Hugh get bonus points for his majorly scruffy beard (nom nom nom) and knowing how to seriously put those Nike pockets to use.

+ Who braved the cold best — Hugh Jackman or his dog Dali?