Waka Flocka Flame Had Two Contortionists In His Bed In The 'Middle Of The Night'

See how the Atlanta rapper handled the twists and turns.

How weird would it be if two contortionists ended up in your bed during the wee hours of the morning? We imagine it'd lead to some strange questions -- which explains why Waka Flocka Flame seemed so uncomfortable when two new pliant pals hopped into his sheets on the "Middle of the Night Show."

To be clear, he didn't ask for these bendy ladies to get in his bed -- that was all thanks to Brian "Murph" Murphy and the "MOTNS" gang. In fact, he was still pretty groggy from being unexpectedly woken up in his hotel room.

"I love to spoon," the rapper read off of cue cards -- just before he added a risque line of his own (oh, Waka!). "But it isn't always comfortable. To help me find the perfect position, here are two very flexible cuddlers, Anna and Emily Venizelos." Then, out came the elastic ladies!

To see how he handles being put in the "Spatula-ing" and "Whilted Whisk" positions, watch the clip for yourself below -- and be sure to see what insane action happens on the next “Middle of the Night Show,” Thursday at 11/10c!