Dr. Dre Says 'I've Only Been Involved In Bomb Records': A RapFix Throwback


Dr. Dre has sure been toying with our emotions today, hasn't he?

First, he and producer Just Blaze released a clip via Twitter where the Doctor said, "4/20, baby. 4/20, I'm coming."

"You might just see a unicorn this year too!" Blaze joked in response.

Maybe we should've listened to Just because a few hours later, a representative for the Compton icon said that Detox is not officially slated for 4/20. So perhaps rap fans have a brand new single to anticipate for the Spring?

The April 20 date falls on a Wednesday, which isn't the norm in music industry release dates, but the day is also a nod to the producer's first album, The Chronic. Dr. Dre's return is one of Mixtape Daily's stories to watch in 2011.

All this talk of Dr. Dre albums — and waiting for them... — made us dig up some old tape of The Chronic producer talking to MTV News in 1996. Remember those canted angles? Our team asked the N.W.A. vet whether fans who enjoyed his first album and Snoop's debut Doggystyle would like his "Aftermath Presents ... " LP.  Sounds like something rap fans would love to ask Dre now about Detox, right?

Said Dre, "It's just some real fly, fly music and everybody knows throughout my career that I've only been involved in bomb records," Dre said of his Aftermath Presents ... compilation. ... Everybody that loved The Chronic, Snoop's record, every record that I've done will enjoy this. I have a lot of new producers on there that are flexing their styles and the record's going to be hot."

So answer this RapFix readers, based on the first "Kush" single, do you think fans who liked Dre's Chronic LP will enjoy Detox? Tell us why or why not?