'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Videos Deliver Escalation Map Pack Gameplay

call of duty black ops

Escalation, the second map pack to be released this year for "Call of Duty: Black Ops," is arriving next week, on May 3. The DLC, which will arrive on Xbox 360 first and on PS3/PC at some unspecified future date, adds four multiplayer maps and one co-op zombies map to the game, just like the previous pack, First Strike, did. A pair of new videos offers an in-depth look at Escalation; nothing on the new zombies map, Call of the Dead, of course, but plenty of action from Hotel, Zoo, Convoy and Stockpile, in two separate videos embedded after the jump.

First, let's take a look at Zoo and Hotel, compliments of GameTrailers:

This video and the one that follows basically amounts to a much lengthier look at what's going on in the four new multiplayer maps. In Hotel, we get to see the map's elevator in action, a feature that should add an interesting twist to any multiplayer engagement. Keep the elevators pinned down and you can own the upper level of the hotel. I wonder how big the elevator is on the inside; a strategically placed claymore right in front of those doors could be big trouble.

The Zoo map, unsurprisingly, seems to have quite a bit of open space to run around in. Snipers will probably enjoy this map, much to the disappointment of everyone else. The monorail mentioned in last week's Escalation video can be glimpsed briefly, though it's unclear as to whether you'll actually be able to ride the thing or if the track itself is just an elevated walkway around the map.

Now for Convoy and Stockpile:

Convoy looks like it's got a particularly deadly sniper's alley situated at both ends of the ruined freeway that highlights the map. The B flag for Domination matches looks like it's smack in the center of that too. That should be fun. And by "fun" I mean "a constant test of your patience."

Stockpile is the least interesting of the new maps, visually speaking. We've seen snow covered environments in our "Call of Duty" games, plenty of them. It is initially easy to mistake Stockpile for Discovery, the snow map from the previous pack. That said, the map's central building -- also highlighted in last week's video -- features opening and closing garage doors which cannot be shot through. You see it in action in this new video, though the potential for establishing a private fortress seems limited since the door controls are on the outside.