Bungie Relaunches Its Beta Tester Program


Late last year, former "Halo" developer Bungie launched its Bungie Beta Tester program. Fans were invited to head over to the official website and sign up for a chance to participate in surveys and playtests as the developer brings together its first non-"Halo" project since the franchise began. The sign-up closed in short order... but now it's open again. So sign up! Quick!

To throw your name into the presumably massive hat they'll be drawing candidates from, head over to Bungie's official site and fill out the brief survey there. It's nothing horribly extensive to test your resolve. That comes later.

One of the top questions being asked by gamers these days is what Bungie's next move is. "Halo: Reach" was a goodbye letter to fans, a last dance the dove for a moment into the series' history. The further adventures of the series' key characters -- no spoilers for those who haven't finished "Halo 3" (seriously, get on that) -- will now be picked up by 343 Industries."

Bungie has managed to keep a tight lid on the details of what its next effort will be. The best hint we've had is a collection of domain registrations filed earlier this year, for "Seven Seraphs," "Osiris," "New Monarchy" and "Dead Orbit." There has also been some talk of the game being a cross-platform experience set in a persistent world. I can't imagine they'd do something as uncouth as refer to the game as an "MMORPG," but rumors suggest that elements of that genre will feature into the Bungie project. Hopefully more will be revealed this year at E3.