'No More Heroes' PS3 Port In Japan Adds Sequel Bosses, Deleted Missions

no more heroes

"No More Heroes" might not be the very best game on the Wii, but it is certainly the wackiest. It's fun, too, since you get to swing a lightsaber-alike around and cut bad guys into little bad guy bits. An enhanced version of the game was released in Japan for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 under the title "No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise." It is set for a PS3-exclusive port to North America and Europe later this year, but now there's a new listing in Japan for "No More Heroes: Red Zone." It's another PS360 port that adds even more content, and it's set for release on July 21.

The PS3 version will add Move support -- "Heroes' Paradise" had none, though the U.S. release reportedly does -- and be bumped up to a CERO Z rating (equivalent to the ESRB's M), Andria Sang reports. There's no mention of a "Red Zone" release outside of Japan, unfortunately.

Hopefully some of the extra content will be integrated into the U.S. version of "Heroes' Paradise," as there's quite a bit of added content to look forward to. "Red Zone" adds in 10 missions that weren't in the Wii release, five bosses from "No More Heroes 2," a boss battle mode with online rankings and a "forbidden view" mode. It also sounds like there will be a few pre-order or launch bonuses.

"Heroes' Paradise" doesn't have a set U.S. release date yet, but it too adds more than just a high definition makeover. The original Sony reveal confirmed that added modes will include a "Rebout Mode" for taking on former foes, added bosses and a "Viewer" mode for checking out previously viewed cutscenes.