The Reasons We'll Miss Blockbuster Video

By Dana Brawer

Sadly, Blockbuster announced yesterday all their US stores will officially be closing. Although the stores themselves have become obsolete, like the VHS tapes that helped bring the company to fame, we'll always have a soft place in our hearts for the Blockbuster experience. So, thank you, Blockbuster, the reason we got through high school and actually wanted to hang out with our parents. Here's what we'll miss most:

1) Pummeling people to get to the New Releases

1New Releases

2) Weaving through the endless VHS aisles

3) Finding weird check-out line candy

3box of boogers

4) But still forcing your mom to buy it

4Give it to me

5) Fighting with your sibling over who gets first movie pick

5Fighting with sibling

6) Deciding whether to pay extra for DVD instead of VHS


7) Drafting the perfect movie list

8) and then praying the films are actually in the store

8Praying Its There

9) Finding out the film you thought was checked out is actually available

9Actually there

10) Going on a date and finding the most romantic movie


11) Bonding with your sibling as you frantically try to repair the tape that's been eaten by your VCR

11Fixing Broken Tape

12) 'Real' movie butter popcorn

12Movie theater butter

13) Running into every single peer and teacher

13Teacher Outside of School

14) Going in for one movie

14going in for one movie

15) And coming out with an unexpected favorite

15unexpected favorite

16) Rewinding that tape

16Please Rewind

17) Convincing your mom to let you watch an R movie

17R Rated Movie

18) Calling your friends on a landline to actually plan a movie night

18Landline MK

19) Renting games and movies at the same time

19video games

20) Seeing that cutie from class picking out a cool movie


21) The 'CLINK' of the return slot

21Return slot

22) Memorizing the upcoming arrivals list

22upcoming arrivals

23) Renting every film in a series and not sleeping for a week

23not sleeping

23Whole series

24) Awkward 90s ads

25) Having an actual place to go find a movie instead of the internet

25Actual Place