What The New 'Star Wars' Movies Need: Vergere


By Ryan Rigley

Looks like we've finally gotten our first official cast member of "Star Wars VII." Last weekend, during this year's New York Comic Con, original C-3P0 actor Anthony Daniels may or may not have confirmed his role reprisal in the new trilogy. "Yes, I am the only actor to be in all seven because I feel... Six! Whatever," Daniels teased during a panel in New York.

While this is obviously far from an official announcement, it is entirely possible that Daniels could have let the truth slip out unintentionally. However, until Daniel's casting is made official, we'll just keep speculating as to which Star Wars Expanded Universe characters might appear in the new "Star Wars" trilogy. Take Vergere for example, a member of the New Jedi Order and secret student of the Sith!


Upon hatching from her egg, Vergere was almost immediately taken under the wing of Jedi Master Thracia Cho Leem. By 33 BBY, she was a part of the Jedi task force sent to the planet Asmeru in order to capture the leaders of a resistance group called the Nebula Front. Secretly, however, Vergere would study materials outside of the approved Jedi doctrine. More specifically, she began researching the studies of rogue Jedis; i.e. Count Dooku.

For a time after that, Vergere lived in secret with the Yuuzhan Vong that inhabited that living planet Zonama Sekot. Later, she would align herself with Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya, and conspire with her to create a new Sith Lord out of Han and Leia's son, Jacen Solo.


Vergere is one of the few members of the New Jedi Order to have experience on both sides of the Force. Not only is she directly responsible for turning Jacen Solo to the Dark Side, but she's also quite knowledgeable about the Yuuzhan Vong having spent over half a century living amongst them. Yet, despite all of her secret Sith studies, Vergere still manages to die a hero sacrificing herself in order to save Solo's life.


Since Vergere was trained as a Jedi from birth, it would make complete sense if she popped up in the new crop of Jedi that appeared in "Star Wars VII." She could be seen fighting alongside Han and Leia's children, who have been rumored to be the focal point of the new trilogy, and then later on in the film she could double cross them and defect to the Dark Side.