Michael Shannon Describes His 'Jonah Hex' Role As A 'Cameo' And Possible Sequel Involvement

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Actor Michael Shannon will be seen on screen with "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart in "The Runaways" later this month, but just he'll also be appearing alongside Josh Brolin in June as a character in "Jonah Hex," the live-action film based on DC's western hero.

MTV News managed to get some info on Shannon's "Hex" role during a press event for the "Runaways" biopic.

"I play a fellow named Doc Cross Williams," said Shannon. "In the comic book, or graphic novel, he's kind of one of those old vaudevillian... He has a traveling show where he has cock fights and dog fights and strange creatures, and he's a snake-oil kind of guy."

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