Audiences Are Laughing With 'Funny People' In The Saturday Box Office Report

Funny People1. "Funny People" ($8.6 million)

2. G-Force" ($5.8 million)

3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" ($5.4 million)

4. The Ugly Truth" ($4.4 million)

5. Aliens in the Attic" ($2.8 million)

Friday audiences were flocking to spend some time with "Funny People," as Judd Apatow's latest currently hold the #1 box office spot with $8.6 million, a slightly bigger opening than Apatow's previous hits "Knocked Up" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin." "Funny" isn't racing out of the gate as a big Sandler blockbuster, but it's actually the biggest R-rated opening the former "Saturday Night Live" star has ever had.

This week's "Aliens in the Attic" managed to crack the top 5 for initial weekend audiences, though it falls short of talking guinea pigs and boy wizards with only did $2.8 million on Friday. Perhaps children found the poster as terrifying as I did, and opted for the cute and cuddly "G-Force" rodents instead. They held onto #2, though they're losing a little steam at the box office.

Receipts dropped 50% in just a week, though Bruckheimer's kiddie offering has an 8 day take of $55.2 million, so it's not exactly hurting. It also still managed to beat "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" despite the latter's IMAX expansion. "Harry" clocked in at #3 with $5.4 million for Friday, but has earned a pretty magical sum of $243.2 million so far.

A few adults are also still opting for raunchy comedy from "The Ugly Truth." The Sony not-a-chick-flick rom-com dropped only one spot from last week, currently hovering at #4 with $4.4 million. I'm willing to bet that some of those tickets were from girls flocking just to gaze at Gerard Butler on a Friday night... not that I'd know. Ahem. I mean, how about those "Funny People" eh?

What are you seeing at theaters this weekend? Opting for another round of "Harry Potter" or are you going for "Funny People"?