Luke Goss Compares Superhero Film 'Magdalena' To 'DaVinci Code With Substance'

Luke GossFROM SPLASH PAGE: We've been hearing a lot from the ladies behind "Magdalena" -- what with our week-long sting with Jenna Dewan and our recent chat with the film's producer Gale Ann Hurd -- but what about the film's male lead, Luke Goss? (You might remember him as Prince Nuada in "Hellboy II").

He was in New York recently to be honored by the Motion Picture Club as a "Star of Tomorrow," just across the street from Splash Page HQ, so we made a beeline over to the event to get the lowdown -- and wouldn't you know it? He's actually a Splash Page fan. ("I've seen the coverage, it's been exciting," Goss blurted out before we could even get out the first question.) It certainly helped in loosening his lips about how he got involved in the project and what he's doing for it right now.

Check out Goss' comments on "Magdalena" over at MTV Splash Page!