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Nick Jonas Had A UFO Experience Long Before This Weekend

You're not alone, L.A.

The people of Los Angeles were understandably freaking the f--k out Saturday (Nov. 7) night when a giant ball of light suddenly streaked across the sky, looking just like a UFO -- or anyone's guess as to what that might look like because who really knows?

The U.S. Navy eventually came forth to claim the source of light as one of their missile tests before people really started losing their senses, but some people were just not convinced by the earthy explanation.

Then there was this:

They're called "UFO clouds," because just look at them, and they appeared over Capetown, South Africa this weekend and bolstered the convo about our status as singular sentient beings in the endless universe.

One firm believer in the extraterrestrial who was absolutely delighted by this sudden spark of interest in potential visitors from the final frontier is Nick Jonas. Because according to him, he's seen actual UFOs in his lifetime, and it was nothing that could explained away.

As reported by People, Nick appeared on a British talk show on Monday (Nov. 9) and revealed his deep love of all-things-space-creature.

His first L.A. UFO spotting happened eight years ago -- when Jonas was about 15, by our calculations -- while he was hanging out in his backyard.

"I looked up at the sky and [saw] three flying saucers," he remembered. "I looked at my friend and said, 'Are you seeing this or am I losing my mind?' He was seeing the same thing. Then I went online and looked and there were three identical sightings, two weeks before."

The experience made a believer out of him and left him "obsessed with UFO stuff in general," which meant the weekend's L.A. blue streak hubbub was right up his alley.

"That blue light freaks me out in the best way possible," he said. "I'm really excited to get back to LA; I leave in a couple of hours, and I'm going to go try find a UFO ... I'm very excited."

Erm, should we wish him good luck?