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5SOS' Michael Clifford Hurt Himself On Stage, Again -- But He's OK, Again

Wembley Arena has not been kind to Michael.

5 Seconds Of Summer are out there promoting the heck out of their latest LP, Sounds Good Feels Good, which dropped in October. Part of that was a stop at the Radio 1 Teen Awards in London on Sunday (Nov. 8) for a blistering performance of latest single "Hey Everybody!"

But right as the foursome -- Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael -- were about to rip into the song's opening chords, Michael took a blind step and fell right off the stage.

First: He's fine, thankfully! And because he's Michael and because it's 5SOS and because they're hilarious dudes in general, he sent out a quick tweet about it after the show poking fun at his clumsiness. It looks like he'll actually be "on crutches for the next days."

(They still rocked it afterward, btw.)

At a June gig at London's Wembley Arena -- the same venue the R1 awards were being held, it should be noted -- Michael walked into a pyrotechnic display that ignited his head in flames. He was totally OK then, too, and had some LOLs on social media because, again, that's just what you do when you light your hair on fire.

The show also featured performances from Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Little Mix, All Time Low and Justin Bieber, who surprised fans with a three-song set.

One Direction took home Best British Group, while Ed Sheeran won Best British Solo Artist, Billboard reports.

But back to 5SOS -- Michael, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. You've got a massive global tour starting up in a few months and we need you to come back in one piece. Just watch where you're stepping, OK?