'Teen Mom' Poll: Did Farrah Make The Right Choice To Send Sophia Back Home?

As much as Farrah strives to successfully juggle the stress and responsibilities that come with being a single, financially independent parent and college student, Sophia is at the stage in her life where she requires much more attention than her mom can provide. So tonight, after exhausting all of her patience (and household cleaning supplies), Farrah bit the bullet and asked her own mother, Debra, for help.

Before the teen mom decided to relocate to Florida, the plan was for Sophia to hang back with her doting grandparents in Iowa. They were crushed after things didn't pan out, so when Debra heard that she'd get a second chance at round-the-clock babysitting, she couldn't hold back her excitement. This certainly wasn't the way Farrah thought her move to the Sunshine State would play out, but she finally realized she needed assistance if she was ever going to focus on her schoolwork.

+ Did Farrah make the right choice to swallow her pride and accept her parents' support? Take the poll!

Did Farrah make the right choice to send Sophia back?

  • No, she gave up too soon.
  • Yes, it was the right move all along.

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