That's What You Said...About Farrah's Improved Family Ties

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Earlier this week, we posted a video of Farrah discussing her roller-coaster relationship with Debra, which hit its lowest point during Season 2 of "Teen Mom" when the situation became violent and police were called. Thankfully, the two have worked on their communication and grown since then, but during our latest "Teen Mom After Show," Farrah recalled some of the really dark mother-daughter moments from the past and how they affected her. We asked fans of the series to share their thoughts on the family's ups and downs, and here's a sample of what was posted on Remote Control and Facebook.

Remote Control:

"Farrah has been through a lot with her mom. Just imagine you're a pregnant teenager and you start to feel like no one cares and you don't have time to do anything. On top of that, you try to plan for the future. And that was how it was for Farrah. No one knows how it feels unless they experience what she went through." -- BeautyKills

"Farrah and her mom both have problems. It is very obvious there is still a lot of dysfunction going on there. Farrah still needs to learn a lot more about respecting her parents and other people that come into her life, or she will never be happy. She is only harming herself, and it's a shame she can't see that." -- Missy

"I used to dislike watching Farrah on the show, but now since she has moved to Florida, I like her way better! I think her mom's and her relationship has improved, even though Debra still gets on her at some points." -- truesuccess


"Farrah lost Sophia's father before she was even born. Clearly, she is still trying to deal with that everyday. What a traumatic event for a new mom to go through! By the way, she works hard, is going to college for culinary and has multiple businesses, so she is making her own money." -- Amanda

"I think Farrah has every right to be disrespectful to both her parents after everything they did to her. Being verbally and PHYSICALLY assaulted to the point where her mother went to jail should say something. I hope Deb's karma comes back 100-fold and if I were Farrah, Sophia would never know her grandparents EVER existed." -- Mandy

"Farrah, if my daughter had a baby she will wish her mother was like yours. I would make my daughter do everything for herself. I would not help at all. That may seem harsh, but you made a very grown up choice. Getting married or having a baby instantly turns you into an adult. You may not be ready for it, but that is how it goes." - LeAnne

+ What do you think about Farrah's relationship with her parents? Is the past officially behind them, or do you think they still have a ways to go? Let's keep the convo going!

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