Butch Faces The Music In Court [Sneak Peek]

Butch's terribly violent outburst has put him back behind bars, and even though Tyler wasn't expecting anything different from his father this time around, he was still visibly distraught when his dad sent him a cold text message during the most recent episode that said drugs were more important than family. But regardless of how broken Ty felt emotionally as a result of his dad's heartless words, he found the strength to stand by his step-mom, April, and tried to help her realize that they both needed to wash their hands of Butch in order to be happy.

Even so, they're both there when Tyler's dad heads to court in this sneak peek of Tuesday's new "Teen Mom." Butch decides to represent himself during his arraignment (which the judge says is ill-advised), and when the defendant asks if he can return to the Michigan Department of Corrections so that he can learn more about the law and properly prepare for his hearing, he's swiftly denied. Tyler and April don't even know how to react at this point.

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