Derek's 'Teen Wolf' Fate Is Now Entirely In Scott's Hands [Sneak Peek]

Ill-intentioned citizens of Beacon Hills have been multiplying at unconscionable rates on "Teen Wolf" this season, but after the town's peacekeepers finally tracked down the Kanima's manipulative puppet master on the latest episode, it seemed like everyone would have a minute or two to breathe easy. Not so much, as evil Grandpa Gerard assumed the role of the lizard's king immediately after drowning his predecessor. Oy vey.

In this sneak peek of the next episode, the new leader wastes no time getting down to business by promising that an innocent soul will die if Scott doesn't turn his back on Derek. The Alpha's bite is what ultimately led to the death of Gerard's daughter-in-law, so if our gentle beast doesn't comply with the sneaky patriarch's plan to take out Derek, someone else will meet their fate...possibly even a person that is near and dear to the teen's heart. Watch it:

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