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Ryan Reynolds Merc'd Out With His 'Deadpool' Costume Because Why The F--k Not

Everybody else go home.

Ryan Reynolds has out Deadpool-ed himself with this one.

The actor dressed up as his smart-mouthed alter ego for Halloween in a costume that looks a little bit like it came right from the movie itself (which explains what happened to the one he openly walked off the set with).

Who could blame R2 for wanting to rock the red suit again (and again and again) since, hello, he had to wait ten freakin' years for his dream of becoming the merc with a mouth in a proper film to finally come to fruition.

And besides, who doesn't dig that costume. It's sleek AF and the gaggle of X-Men kiddies who gathered around him -- IRL Ryan's very kid-friendly -- just makes this the most excellent superhero moment, probably ever.

I mean, LOOK at BB Storm, Mystique, Beast, Wolverine, Magneto, AND Cyclops. It's almost too amazing.

+1 Ryan for keeping in character with the Halloween spirit.