'Ocean's Eleven' Is Getting The All-Female Treatment: Here's Who Should Be In It

This time, it's for the ladies.

A dream we didn't know we had came true, as there's reportedly going to be a female-centric "Ocean's Eleven" reboot happening, led by Sandra Bullock.

The ensemble heist movie -- and the sequels that followed -- were pure fun, so we can't wait for director Gary Ross to roll out the new ladified iteration.

Of course, Ocean would be nothing without his (her!!!) 11, so here's who we think should round out the rest of the major characters. (And, as a bonus, a few name suggestions.)

  • Dani Ocean: Sandra Bullock

    I mean, obviously. Nobody Clooneys better than Clooney, unless they are Sandra Bullock.

  • Rusty: Retta

    Charming? Check. Funny? Also check. Suh-moooooth? Super check. Retta has our vote to fill Brad Pitt's shoes as mastermind/Ocean BFF Rusty.

  • Linus: Reese Witherspoon

    Who could be a better Matt Damon than Matt Damon? Reese Witherspoon, duh. Nobody could resist the power of the Reese as the brooding, adorable con artist on the rise.

  • Frances Catton: Leslie Jones

    Played by Bernie Mac in the 2001 movie, Leslie Jones would be perfect to play the con man/casino worker. She doesn't even have to say anything, just give looks to be hilarious.

  • Virginia: Ilana Glazer

    Step aside, Casey Affleck. Ilana is your wry-ass mechanic now.

  • Turk Malloy: Abbi Jacobson.

    Scott Caan, out. Abbi, in. As if the other half of the duo would be anyone but Abbi. AS IF.

  • Livingstonia Dell: Rashida Jones

    Eddie Jemison served us well, but imagine the wonders of Rashida Jones being the straightman surveillance expert.

  • Yen: Bai Ling

    Extra super bonus points if the costume designers can figure out a way to incorporate Ling's trademark style into the movie's look.

  • Basher Tarr: Sasheer Zamata

    Please, please, please let Sasheer adopt some of Don Cheadle's rhyming slang while building bombs. I've been waiting for this my entire life, and didn't even know it.

  • Saulita Bloom: Betty White

    As if there's any other choice to take Carl Reiner's role. AS IF.

  • Tess: Julia Roberts


I also wouldn't be mad if Blake Lively was involved in some way, for the record.