Here Are 7 Things You'll Do After Seeing 'Steve Jobs'

Michael Fassbender brings his own spin to the Apple icon.

Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Apple genius Steve Jobs, but that definitely, definitely shouldn't stop you from seeing this weekend's "Steve Jobs." A three-act film written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, "Steve Jobs" is a masterpiece that will certainly be in the conversation come awards season. Dynamite acting, writing and direction? Check, check and check. But that's not all: "Steve Jobs" will also force you to think about certain things.

Here are seven things "Steve Jobs" will compel you to do.

  1. Compare Fassbender to the others Jobs-es

    As we all know, this is not the first movie about Apple innovator Steve Jobs. Hell, it's not even the first one this year. So how does Fassbender stack up to Kutcher and co.? Spoiler: very, very well. He has admitted that he looks nothing like Jobs, and it's that self-assured "I'm playing a part" mindset that does him so well in the part. It's acting at its finest, and you'll forget any issues with bone structure you may have had 10 minutes in.

  2. Bask in the glory of a new Aaron Sorkin script

    You loved "The West Wing," right? Yeah, so did ALL OF US EVERYWHERE. Ditto to "The Social Network." Don't pretend like you don't still say "you would have invented Facebook" like, every other day. Lucky for us, Sorkin has dropped another piece of genius at our feet. Your next catchphrase: "I'm John!"

  3. Be reminded why you love Kate Winslet

    She's not the king of the world, but she is one of the best parts of this movie as Jobs' constant co-worker and "work wife" Joanna Hoffman. She's the perfect mix of competent professional machine (which seems like a must in the world of Jobs' Apple) and human person (which is a must in the world-world). She's the emotional center of the film, all while maintaining the strictest poker face you've ever seen. All the Oscars for Kate Winslet!

  4. Think thrice about your i-Whatever and where it came from.
    Getty Images

    We all knew there was drama behind the genesis of the Apple products we hold so dear, but it's never been so vividly illustrated as in "Steve Jobs." There's even a stylus jab that'll leave iPencil apologists cringing.

  5. Understand how exhilarating an "action movie with words" can be.

    The cast of "Steve Jobs" told us that the film is kind of an "action movie with words. What does that mean? Once you've seen the movie, it's pretty evident what that means. As it turns out, a movie about computers and closed systems and difficult men can prove to be just as exciting as something with a handful of car chases. Trade physical explosions for emotional explosions, and you've got "Steve Jobs" in a nutshell.

  6. See Seth Rogen as you've never seen him before.

    In a word: sincerely. The typically comedic actor plays Steve Wozniak, the somewhat beaten-down co-conspirator to Fassbender's Jobs, with heart. His complicated relationship with Jobs is a through-line of the story's three acts, and you end the movie feeling just as connected (if not more) to Woz as to Jobs.

  7. Consider whether being talented trumps being good.

    Here's the thing about this version of Jobs: he's a magnificent a--hole. Not good company, not a person anyone would, in any world, describe as "sweet." But there's no question that he contributed positively to the world. So you'll be left wondering, is being great more important than being kind?

"Steve Jobs" hits limited theaters today.