AND She Can Cook? There's Literally Nothing Selena Gomez Cannot Do Except Possess Flaws

Watch this cooking video Selena Gomez posted on Instagram.

 Meet Selena Gomez, master chef!

Let's get this straight: Selena Gomez can sing, act, dancesmize like a cover model, make our hearts swirl in three-thousand directions with nothing but a grin, AND SHE CAN COOK?! Does anybody have a good recipe for bitter soup? We suddenly have a huge hankering for it.

This Instagram video of Sel making a meal with her friends proves that the "Slow Down" singer is truly the total package and then some. (As if we needed MORE proof.) Honestly, this clip is totally TV-worthy, so Food Network better be paying attention.

Oh, and lest you think that Selena's just boiling some noodles and calling it "cooking" (that would be me), she captioned the video: "Cocinando mi primer plato Dominicano #Esposa -learned how to cook my first Dominican meal". Your faves could never! Unless they happen to be Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, or Rachel Ray...

+ Watch Selena Gomez cook up a feast.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram