Printz Board's 'Hey You' Video's The House Party We've Always Wanted To Go To

Watch Printz Board's new video for "Hey You."

Hey, Printz Board, where's our invite?

This one time, we threw a BEYOND EPIC house party where we had Printz Board rocking a live performance of "Hey You" (you know, the track from his forthcoming debut EP, The Pre Games) in our backyard. After that, everyone decided that we were pretty much the most coolest people in the world ever. #SorryYouMissedIt

Wait! Lies. We were just pretending that what goes down in the song's video actually happened to us IRL because it just looks like one MAY-JAH RAY-JAH. Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail -- AGAIN.

While our actual house "parties" usually involve popcorn-nomming and "Ghost Whisperer" reruns, Printz Board's has everything a proper blowout requires: beautiful guests, playful touch football, flowing drinks, dancing, and hot tubs because obviously.

Watch Printz Board's new video for "Hey You."

Ugh, this is definitely the luckiest dog on the planet.

Oh, how nice. It looks like even this cute little puppy's invite made it to him safe and sound. WHO CARES ABOUT US ACTUAL HUMANS, AMIRITE?! Sorry, sorry. Still bitter.

All in all, the "Hey You" video is an excellent, epic party how-to, which we're gonna follow as soon as we get the chance. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but Jennifer Love Hewitt's paranormal adventures will just have to wait.

+ Watch Printz Board's "Hey You" video.

Photo Credit: Beets & Produce Records