Watch Timeflies' 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Swoon'

Watch Timeflies perform "Swoon" acoustic for "Buzzworthy Live."

Luckiest. Wall. Ever.

We were just saying how great it would be if we could get two acutely attractive guys with excellent voices, an expert sense of rhythm, and an acoustic guitar to serenade us. Thanks to Timeflies' "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance, our wish has not only been granted, but we get to listen to a stripped-down version of their new song, "Swoon," off of their second album of originals, After Hours, too.

Thank you, Timeflies, and thank you, whichever deity heard our prayers. (We seem to be on a winning streak, so next, we're gonna pray for a pony that dances to Ginuwine's "Pony.")

We know what you're thinking: How can the Bostonians by way of New York capture their high-octane, R&B-tinged, electro-pop vibe without any of the layered synths or 808s in the mix? Well, the guys' acoustic performance proves that all they need are their voices, five strings, Cal Shapiro's swagger, and Rob Resnick's smolder. Sorry, technology, call us when you get that "Swoon" gesture down.

Oh, and if you showed up to this party expecting Timeflies' signature lyrical gangsterism, don't worry, because Cal delivers. There's a bit more emo-ness and a little less fist-pumping in this performance, but it transforms the original's "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" vibe into the perfect closer to end your party -- or, um, take it to the hotel room.

+ Watch Timeflies perform "Swoon" acoustic on "Buzzworthy Live."

Photo credit: MTV