Taylor Swift Hunted Easter Eggs On A Beach 'Cause Her Life's Just Better

Taylor Swift literally hunted Easter eggs on a tropical beach. See the Instagram photo.

Nice tush, Taylor.

Are you still stuck in some kind of Marshmallow Peeps-induced, food-coma haze on this, the second day after Easter Sunday? Well, Taylor Swift's tropical holiday moment is here to revive you -- with envy.

The "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer shared this photo on Instagram, captioned: "Looking for Easter eggs..." Anyone else get the feeling that she's hunting for, like, Fabergé eggs? Speaking of which, who hid the eggs? One of her many famous best friends? OMG, and did she and BFF Ina Garten devil them afterwards? #PutInMyMouthPlz

And wait, where even is Taylor? Some private island she owns for the sole purpose of hunting Easter eggs? Oops, our bitterness seems to be showing. It's not like we should be surprised that our country-pop fave spent the weekend frolicking in a sunny paradise like a flawless, pastel bikini-wearing princess.

Whatever, we're off to the drugstore to buy a couple bags of discounted Easter candy. Our feelings won't eat themselves!

Photo credit: Taylor Swift's Instagram