You Know You Can Stream Future's 'Honest' Album For Free, Right?

Stream Future's entire new album, "Honest," on

Be "Honest"! You know you wanna stream Future's new album for free.

Even though Future's sophomore album, Honest, doesn't drop until Apr. 22, he's streaming the majority of it at right now for exactly ZERO POINT ZERO DOLLARS! Maybe he's psyched to welcome a new baby into this world with his flawless fiancée, Ciara, and he wants to share the love? IDK, but let's not question it!

The album's basically an inside look at Future's alien-baller, star-studded lifestyle, and totally NBD, but it's even earned a 4-star review from Rolling Stone. Also, just in case you haven't yet watched his "I Won" video with Kanye West yet where a bunch of babes in bikinis practicing some very, erm, creative beach yoga, fix that.

It's time to cue the praise-hand Emoji, 'cause Future is currently winning at life. So, excuse us as we sit back and try to bogart some of his clean, honest living.

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Photo credit: Epic