Wait, Did These Pentatonix Guys Just Cover Beyonce's Whole Album In Under 6 Minutes?!

Watch Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi cover Beyonce's entire new album in under six minutes.

They really went above and Beyoncé with this one.

While the very thought of one mortal, much less two, deigning to cover anything from Beyoncé's catalog might strike you as Bey-lasphemous, we may have just found the exception. Presenting Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, who sang a condensed version of the "Partition" singer's entire visual album in under six minutes.

It's so good, that we may or may not be filling the tub up halfway as we speak, and we are not even apologizing for it.

Clad in their BEYONCÉ sweatshirts, the two singers, who you probably recognize from five-piece a cappella troupe Pentatonix, decided to really go all out on a recent episode of their YouTube series, "SUPERFRUIT." As they explain in the caption: "We couldn't decide what Beyoncé song to cover, so we decided to cover the entire album."

A lofty goal, though not if you sound like a couple of former Vienna Boys' Choir members who've discovered the ability to turn puberty on and off at will, thus regaining access to their lost falsetto range. (This simile? ***Flawless.) From the "Blow"-to-"No Angel" transition to the high note-hopping harmony on "Rocket," NONE of the sh** they do is boring. Trust us.

Oop, better go check on the tub. Now, where'd we leave that #SURFBOARDT...

+ Watch Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Pentatonix cover Beyoncé's new album in under six minutes.

Photo credit: "SUPERFRUIT" via YouTube