Watch Magic Man Perform A Vanishing Act In Their Surreal 'Paris' Video

Watch Magic Man's new

Boston's Magic Man steps into an enchanted forest in their new "Paris" video.

We've seen Magic Man work their remix charms on New Politics' "Harlem," but the Boston-based band is stepping out on their own with their first video, "Paris."

Sadly, the Eiffel Towel sits this one out. Instead, the group heads to a forest of towering trees and odd outdoor locations, which play host to dancers performing abstract choreography and, um, creative yoga moves.

The Mimi Cave-directed clip is fast-moving, pretty, and seemingly normal enough until that awkward moment when one of the dance crews loses it, "Sleepy Hollow"-style. (Where you at, Johnny Depp?!)

The upbeat track comes to us from Magic Man's You Are Here EP -- not be confused with Sharon Van Etten's upcoming Are We There, BTW. As the keyboard chords sweep the song into a "Roar"-like bounce, Alex Caplow sings "I just need a rest!" just as "Paris" hits the hook.

If the band keeps knocking out songs like this, he'll have to catch his ZZZ's between crushing music festivals and hitting the road nonstop. Speaking of which, Magic Man is scheduled to perform at SXSW in March, followed by a tour with Panic! At the Disco in North American cities this summer. No rest for you just yet, Magic Man!

+ Watch Magic Man's "Paris" video.

Photo credit: Lexie Alley