A Great Big World Sang 'Say Something' With The PS22 Chorus, And Your Heart Will MELT!

Watch A Great Big World and the PS22 Chorus sing "Say Something."

Aaaaaaand, we love. 

Oh shoot, we just passed out from all the utter heart melt-age that hit us after watching A Great Big World sing their hit single, "Say Something," with the darling angels of the PS22 Chorus! You haven't seen it yet? This cuteness? BE WARNED.

Anyway, in case you didn't already know, the PS22 Chorus is based in NYC's borough of Staten Island, and they're so damn good -- sorry for cursing, kids! -- that they get to sing with a bunch of celebs. Remember when they sang with Walk The Moon? Gah, forever changed. Oh, and even Oprah likes 'em, so OMGAHHHH.

This time, the musically gifted youngsters have teamed up with A Great Big World for a stunning rendition of "Say Something." Sadly, Christina Aguilera couldn't make it to the gig, but no worries! The choir kids have their own mini-version of the "Do What U Want" songstress who can LEGIT SANG.

Someone needs to get her a manager, stat. Justin Bieber was, like, barely out of his preteens when he was discovered, right? Just sayin'!

+ Watch A Great Big World perform 'Say Something' with PS 22, and catch A Great Big World performing "Say Something," and "Rockstar" live at VH1's "You Ought Know In Concert" special.

Photo credit: YouTube