Matthew E. White's Remarkably Chill 'Human Style' Is Just As Good As His Beard

Watch Matthew E White's "Human Style" video.

Matthew E. White invites you into the recording studio in his "Human Style" video.

When it comes to the never-ending black hole of weirdo-beardo indie-pop singers, Virginia native Matthew E. White continues to redefine what it means to be follically and musically gifted. After wowing fans and critics with his 2012 debut, Big Inner, which showcases a laid-back combo of folk, jazz, soul, gospel, and pop (imagine if Cat Stevens jammed out with Al Green and Randy Newman), White's exploring what's next on his Outer Face EP. In fact, he's even letting us peek behind the scenes of his recording sessions in a new video called "Human Style."

Watch Matthew E. White's "Human Style" video after the jump.

Shot in black-and-white film, the Tony Forgey-directed clip features the bespectacled "Steady Pace" singer recording "Human Style" with his Spacebomb Records buddies (FYI: Spacebomb is a quirky record label and production house Matthew co-founded with a few Richmond-based collaborators).

As sparse drum thumps, crooning backing vocals, and symphonic strings swell in the background, the video sharply cuts to a variety of behind-the-scenes action. Matthew records in the studio and rehearses on stage, a coterie of musicians and their conductor join in the rehearsal, and a pet dog pads around the floor, which is strewn about with pages of sheet music.

In all, it's impossibly pleasurable to pull the proverbial curtain back on this criminally good artist's creative process, and hopefully all that recording will lead to another full-length album soon. (Please?)

+ Watch Matthew E. White's "Human Style" video.

Photo credit: Shawn Brackbill