Video Premiere: Darling Parade Open A Can Of Whoop-Ass In 'Crash & Burn'

Watch Darling Parade's "Crash and Burn" video.

Darling Parade take a page out of "Alias"'s handbook in their "Crash And Burn" video.

Don't you hate it when you get jumped and dragged away by a bunch of masked men on your way out of a convenience store? OK, maybe that doesn't happen every day (at least I hope not -- depends on what neighborhood you're in), but if it ever DOES happen, I really hope Nashville alt-rock collective Darling Parade are on hand to save the day, just like they do in their new ass-kicking video for "Crash & Burn."

Watch Darling Parade's "Crash &Burn" video after the jump.

Directed by Jon King, "Crash & Burn" (which is featured on Darling Parade's Battle Scars & Broken Hearts album) has the band opening up a serious can of whoop-ass when they morph into crime-fighting, spandex-wearing superheroes. (That, or they might belong to another morally ambiguous secret service agency. Like in "Alias"!)

The video starts out harmlessly enough, with a Regular Joe strolling into the corner store to purchase a Snickers bar. On his way out, however, he gets jumped by a bunch of masked marauders and dragged into an empty warehouse. (Again, don't you hate it when that happens?) What could this average dude have on him that makes him such a target?

Never fear -- the MTV Artist To Watch is on the case! Led by frontwoman Kristin Kearns, Nate McCoy, Dustin McCoy, and Casey Conrad strap into some black spandex, punch and kick their way through the abductors, and free their friend from the clutches of evil. As Kristin leads their protagonist out of the warehouse, he hands her a zip file. Guess he wasn't such an Average Joe after all. Don't judge a book by its cover, and all that.

+ Watch Darling Parade's "Crash & Burn" video.

Photo credit: Page 2 Music