Video Premiere: Fefe Dobson Enters The Psych Ward, Has Multiple Famous Personalities In Her 'Legacy' Video

Watch Fefe Dobson's "Legacy" video.

Fefe Dobson takes on a psych ward in her "Legacy" video.

We're all a little crazy, right? Singer-songwriter and professional pop-rock badass Fefe Dobson might think so in her new "Legacy" video, where she's being dragged off into an insane asylum.

But she's not going down without a fight -- if Fefe's going to be locked away, she'll make the most of her time by impersonating dead celebrities, scaring her fellow patients, and basically bewildering the entire hospital staff. Or, when the nurses discourage other psych patients from hanging out with you, you know there's a problem.

Watch Fefe Dobson's "Legacy" video after the jump.

Directed by Aaron A, "Legacy" kicks off with Fefe getting dragged into to the psych ward by a couple of orderlies. The only problem (among many) is that Fefe thinks she's Marilyn Monroe, even if in reality she resembles Angelina Jolie yelling "You think you're free? I'm free! You don't know what freedom is!" in "Girl, Interrupted."


And the delusions don't stop there. Once settled, Fefe impersonates even more dead celebs (who, FYI, have all inspired her career): Fefe's taking her daily meds and starting fights with patients dressed as Amy Winehouse, she's moonwalking in her room like Michael Jackson (and doing a pretty awesome job at that), and hunched over a guitar like Nirvana's Kurt Cobain.


After she finally busts out of the psych ward (it's not clear if she was let out or forcibly walks out), Fefe drives off into the sunset with all of her personalities along for the ride in the backseat. Could that be a metaphor for drawing influence from your favorite artists, but not sounding too derivative? We're going with yes.

Hear "Legacy" on Fefe's upcoming fourth studio album, out in 2014.

+ Watch Fefe Dobson's "Legacy" video.

Photo credit: Jesse Bertrand, GIFs: Rachel Brodsky