Does 'No Scrubs' Still Hold Up In 2013? TLC's T-Boz + Chilli Say ABSOLUTELY! (VIDEO)

Watch TLC talk about "No Scrubs."

They don't want no scrubs -- yesterday, today, or ever.

Be honest. Who hasn't at some point belted out the words to TLC's ultimate girl jam "No Scrubs"?

Maybe you've screamed "NO SCRUBS" at the top of your lungs while cruising down the highway with a bestie, maybe you've admonished guys who "sit on their broke asses" while singing into a hairbrush in the privacy of your bedroom, or maybe you've lost yourself in the words while making a total mess in the kitchen à la Meadow Soprano.

But if for some ridiculous reason you haven't memorized the words to TLC's 1999 FanMail classic, then it's time to CHANGE THAT NOW. Why? Well, for one thing, no music education is complete without watching TLC's iconic, futuristic "No Scrubs" video, and for another, the song's I-respect-myself-too-much-to-date-a-loser message truly holds up almost 15 years later.

Anyway, in honor of the soon-to-be premiere of VH1's "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" (Oct. 21), we chatted about "No Scrubs" with none other than the surviving members of TLC, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. That's right, we talked "No Scrubs" with TLC, and we're still fangirling in the fetal position under our desk. #NoShame

Watch TLC talk about how their "No Scrubs" message holds up today after the jump.

So, is the term "scrub" still relevant today? TLC sure thinks so.

"['No Scrubs'] is still the blueprint today for the younger girls," said Chilli.

"Everybody else always still uses 'scrub'!" agrees T-Boz. "They're like, 'I ain't no scrub!' every time they talk to you. 'I got my own car!' Guys still explain themselves about that! I'm like, God, let it go. I think 'scrub' is a good a term that'll still last for some years."

"It is what it is," agreed Chilli. "A scrub is a scrub."

"But it's also known as a 'buster,'" freestyled T-Boz. "Always talkin' about what he wants, but just sits on his broke ass. So no, I don't want your number. No, OK? I'm not gonna give you mine."

Aannnnnnd TLC just chanted the words to "No Scrubs" at us. We have to go squee into a pillow now.

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Photo credit: MTV