Gavin DeGraw's 'Make A Move' Is The Perfect Mix Of Boyfriend-Material Pop And Stompy Folk. Listen Now!

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Gavin DeGraw strikes a perfect singer-songwriter/pop star balance on "Make A Move."

Don't try to pretend you didn't have a little tiny fangirl crush on Gavin DeGraw when he dropped "Chariot" way back in 2005. Tell me you didn't, and I'll call you a big fat liar!

And Gavin's had one heck of a career since then: Following his highly successful Chariot album was a self-titled disc ("Cop Stop" anyone?); then came albums like Free and Sweeter (what, we're Gavin Stans with a working knowledge of his whole discography -- HANDLE IT). Now, after giving G-dawg's brand-new disc, Make A Movethe requisite several spins while appropriately sipping on some Merlot, we're thrilled to say that his latest body of work is officially OFF THE CHAIN.

Need more specifics? No problem: Make A Move has the simplicity of Chariot, and, thanks to some lucrative cowrites from big-deal writers like OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, some ultra-catchy sugary pop sensibilities.

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At the top of the album, you'll find a Mumford & Sons-meets-The Lumineers, slap-your-knee-and-stomp-clap opus called "Best I Ever Had," followed by the album's glossy title track, "Make A Move."

Later comes the album's defining standout: the Ryan Tedder cowritten "Finest Hour," which sees Gavin recalling the shenanigans of a rowdy evening ("and I got pictures that I don't remember taking that are so bad/ And oh, had to break into my own damn apartment"), over some booming drums, reminiscent of those in  Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield."

Closing arguments? Make A Move does a masterful job of melding Gavin's "singer songwriter" world with his "pop star" world, and it's a mix that truly works. Plus, who knew that a human man was capable of growing such perfect stubble? #BeardsAreAlwaysBetter.

Make A Move on Gavin DeGraw when his new album officially drops Oct. 15!

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