New Song: Jordin Sparks, 'Skipping A Beat'

Jordin Sparks "Skips A Beat" on her new record.

Listen to Jordin Sparks fall in love on her new track, "Skipping A Beat."

Jordin Sparks is mad in love with her beau, Jason Derulo, and it sounds like all of those googly eyed feelings have made their way on to her brand-new jam, "Skipping A Beat." Now, we must admit that Jordin's "Battlefield" was one of our favorite songs of 2009 (maybe 2010, too), so anything post-"Battefield" is gonna have to work very hard to win our approval. And while we still miiiiight still pick "Battlefield" over "Skipping A Beat," that doesn't mean we can't appreciate Jordin's ode to Jason, who, by the way, is said to have dedicated his song "The Other Side" to Jord. #barf #AWWW

Listen to Jordin Sparks' "Skipping A Beat" after the jump. 

Set to a simple, vaguely old-school '90s R&B track, Jordin's "Skipping A Beat" sees the "American Idol" winner singing about her man, and how she's 24/7 ride or die: "You're my lover, you're my friend, you're my gangsta." While we totally appreciate the ultra-romantic lyrics and that catchy "humming" hook, we're not entirely convinced that this is Jordin's most progressive offering to date. (We're loyal  to 2009 like that.) But whatever -- Jordin did recently post an adorable Instagram video of her serenading Jason, so we'll just have to take back what we said! "Skipping A Beat"/ Jordin + Jason 4ever!

+ Listen to Jordin Sparks' "Skipping A Beat."

+ Watch Jordin Sparks sing "Skipping A Beat" to her boyfriend, Jason Derulo!

Photo credit: RCA Records