New Song: B.o.B, 'My Life' (NSFW)

B.o.B is back with "My Life."

B.o.B has some things he needs to get off of his chest in "My Life."

Don't get us wrong, we love the happy-go-lucky vibes of  B.o.B on "So Good," "Ray Bands," and his 2 Chainz-assisted "HeadBand." But every once in a while, we're interested in seeing the softer, more vulnerable side of the Georgia-bred rapper -- a side that's on full display in his latest jam, "My Life." You know, the side that might shed a few tears behind those Ray-Bans!

Listen to B.o.B's "My Life" after the jump.

Dubbing "My Life" the "realest s*** I ever wrote," Bobby Ray's new track  -- a freestyle to Lil Wayne and Drake’s "Love Me" -- features the Hustle Gang rapper spitting about the pitfalls of the rap game and how he actually used to be a pretty sad kid: "I was so depressed, always upset." Later, Bobby rhymes about his excess amounts of cash: "I done made more money off a single album than you'll probably ever see throughout your whole career."

Now, under normal circumstances, we'd be like, "Ugh, OK, we get that you're loaded!" But in this case, we think every sad kid deserves to be flush when he grows up, right? But maybe use all that cash to get us a Hanukkah present this year, OK, B?

Be on the lookout for B.o.B's forthcoming Underground Luxury disc, which is slated to drop later this summer.

+ Listen to B.o.B's "My Life."

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