Watch Victoria Justice's Acoustic Cover Of fun.'s 'Some Nights'


Watch Nickelodeon actress Victoria Justice sing a rendition of fun.'s "Some Nights."

Not gonna lie, Victoria Justice's "Best Friends Brother" may or may not be on our gym mix, and we are PROUD! And while the Nickelodeon celeb might be best known for her sugary-sweet pop anthems and stints on "Zoey 101" and "Victorious," we're currently in awe over her latest offering: a stripped-down, acoustic rendition of fun.'s "Some Nights."

Watch Victoria Justice cover fun.'s "Some Nights" after the jump.

Armed with only her voice, a guitar player, a percussionist, and some backing vocals, Victoria did a great job reinterpreting fun.'s sparking pop anthem. Sure, we might still prefer the original over any cover, and fine, Victoria's vibe might feel a little "American Idol"-ish, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Victoria's got a CRAZY set of pipes! Also, we're shocked that we even got this many coherent sentences out because we can't think about anything other than how pretty Victoria is. Like seriously, we've got a full-on "supermodel who is also good at singing" situation on our hands.

+ Watch Victoria Justice cover fun.'s "Some Nights."

Photo credit: Victoria Justice's YouTube