Watch Tegan And Sara Perform 'Closer' At The 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards (VIDEO)

Watch Tegan and Sara perform "Closer" at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards.

Watch Tegan and Sara perform "Closer" at the 2013 mtvU Woodies Awards!

We spend a lot of time thinking about indie pop twins Tegan and Sara around here. Maybe it's their self-effacing wit, maybe it's their irresistible off-center haircuts, maybe it's the way they rock leather jackets and boots (swoon), but all we know is that we are officially high school crush-obsessed with the girls and their '80s-inspired synth-pop jams. And sure, we already knew we'd get to watch them cohost the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards with MGK (how amazing/unexpected was that, btw??), but we had no idea we'd get to watch them perform during the show itself! That's right, not only did Tegan and Sara host the Woodies this year, but they performed a rendition of "Closer," the lead single off of their seventh studio album, Heartthrob.

Watch Tegan and Sara perform "Closer" at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards after the jump.

Singing side-by-side on the Woodies stage, the sisters tenderly rocked through "Closer," looking the very picture of cute in their shrunken leather jackets and skinny pants. (Seriously, teach us how to dress, guys... then maybe take us out on an impromptu date of mini-golf and ice cream). We also have to give the girls major props for how far they've come -- though they've always had a real knack for playing catchy, unrequited love songs, Tegan and Sara have only recently hit their pop radio stride after a decade-long career. Now, the sisters have transitioned beautifully into the spotlight, which is immediately obvious in their heartbreaking (heartthrobing?) Woodies performance. Also, did anyone else melt into a puddle of "gahhhhh" after watching Tegan belt out "All I think of lately is how to get you underneath me"? Time to take a cold shower...

+ Watch Tegan and Sara perform "Closer" at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards.

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Photo credit: Scott Gries