Tegan And Sara Talk 'Heartthrob,' Inspiring The Gay Community, And Cohosting The 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards With Machine Gun Kelly (VIDEO)

 Tegan and Sara chat with Tamar Anitai at the 2013 Woodie Awards.

2013 mtvU Woodie Awards co-hosts Tegan and Sara talk "Heartthrob" and inspiring the gay community.

It's been a monumental year for indie-pop sisters Tegan and Sara, and it's only March! Though they've been circling the pop music circuit for well over a decade with staple indie-folk albums like The Con and So Jealous, the girls have recently graduated to full-on fame with the release of their seventh studio album, Heartthrob (please immediately add "Closer" and "Drove Me Wild" to your "Crush Nostalgia" playlist, btw). But perhaps the most incredible thing about the sisters (besides their near-perfect, always-changing hair) is how un-pop-star-like they are -- in short, we can't get enough of their adorable self-effacing manor and whip-smart wit (and leather jackets -- please give us your leather jackets). Now Tegan and Sara are taking center stage with MGK as the cohost for this year's 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards (catch it this Sunday night at 8/7c on MTV & mtvU), and recently sat down with Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai to discuss the making of Hearthrob, inspiring the young gay community, and cohosting the Woodies with MGK.

Watch Tegan and Sara discuss Heartthrob, inspiring the gay community, and cohosting the Woodies with Machine Gun Kelly at the 2013 Woodie Awards after the jump!

If you've been reading Buzzworthy at ALL, then you'll know how obsessed we are with the sisters' poppiest record to date. "When we set out to make this record, we absolutely wanted to make the best Tegan and Sara record," said Tegan. "But instead of using the word 'best,' we decided we wanted to make a classic 'Tegan and Sara' record. We wanted all the things our fans have been saying they love about our records for the last decade."

And after playing together for, yes, a whole decade, Tegan and Sara have amassed a fanbase that feels like a religious sect (albeit a totally open-minded, free-thinking one); Tegan even said she hadn't picked up her book in forever due to how much fan mail the duo receives (#bandproblems). "We have this mailbox that we put at our merchandise table... it's absolutely full of stuff that melts our heart. The audience seems to find it really cathartic and   amazing to tell us their stories," said Sara.

Speaking of fans reaching out, Sara decided it was time to "get political" for a sec and touch upon how she and Tegan have inadvertently created an unofficial "It Gets Better" project for their young fans identifying as LGBT. "There's all these kids now that are, like, 13, 14, 15 years old talking about being gay and not feeling good about themselves. And that WE tell them that they're OK. That's so meaningful."

In terms of attraction, however, it's not to say that Sara hasn't made, well, exceptions. On their Woodies cohost Machine Gun Kelly, Sara confessed, "When we were sandwiched between [MTV VJ] Sway and Machine Gun Kelly, I almost started to feel weirdly straight. I just blame hormones for my feelings."

But the best part of chatting with the girls HAD to be diving headfirst into their endlessly endearing pool of self-deprecation. "It feels so chaotic in here! I feel so old! How do you work in here??" Sara asked Tamar right before going onstage. In response, Tamar pointed to SXSW's abundant rib supply, to which Sara revealed her secret: "I went to the fountain of youth earlier... But inside, I look like one of the ladies from the Golden Girls."

Watch Tegan and Sara discuss Heartthrob, inspiring the gay community, and cohosting the Woodies with Machine Gun Kelly at the 2013 Woodie Awards!

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